It's Not About Us: A Co-parenting Survival Guide to Taking the High Road (Paperback)

It's Not About Us: A Co-parenting Survival Guide to Taking the High Road By Darlene Taylor Cover Image

It's Not About Us: A Co-parenting Survival Guide to Taking the High Road (Paperback)


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Do You Want to Create a Healthy Co-parenting Relationship?

If you had told Darlene Taylor that she'd pack her bags after a rocky divorce to move across the country at the request of her ex-husband, she would have laughed in your face. And she would've asked to sip whatever it was you were drinking. But that's exactly what happened-and it changed the course of her family.

Foreword by Ex-husband Mick Cronin, Head Coach of the UCLA Bruins:

"Nobody plans to parent with an ex. I wasn't certain it would work at first. But the thought of negatively affecting our daughter devastated me. It motivated me to do all I could do. Darlene will always be Sammi's mother, and I'm grateful for her and who we are as parents."

So buckle up. You're about to find out what happened on when Taylor made a radical decision for her family after divorce-and what she learned along the journey.

Part memoir, part survival guide, It's Not About Us shares with hilarious honesty her imperfect attempts at forging a new path for her family after divorce. Taylor provides 15 nuggets of co-parenting wisdom, including:

  • When to make decisions solo and when to consult your ex
  • The worst thing children of divorce beg you not to do
  • How family and friends can help
  • The surprising lesson from a boyfriend's ex-wife
  • The most impactful decision you can make

Eric Pankowski, Executive producer, CBS, Carpool Karaoke:

"Wow. Profound, funny, and real It's as if Taylor peered into my journey with my ex and kids and articulated every fear and challenge. It's a roadmap to reach the destination, at times heartbreaking, always inspirational and life-affirming. I'm re-reading it."

Fair warning: staying on the high road after divorce was not at all easy for Taylor. It won't be for you, either.

But Taylor's promise is to share her story honestly. She shows you the path that she and her ex took to creating a healthy co-parenting relationship-not only for her daughter but also for them as parents.

Gina Torres, Actor, Producer:

"When 'Happily Ever After' goes up in smoke, how do you keep the love alive for your kids? A must-read for couples going through divorce with children. Full of personal triumphs and fails, Taylor brings her life-saving humor, insight as a life coach and social worker, and irrepressible optimism to a very painful time. She reminds us that children deserve to be the beneficiaries of a successful relationship rooted in respect and communication, in honor of the love that got them here in the first place."

Redefine your family in new and positive ways-and build a better co-parenting relationship than you imagined.

Because your story can be one of redemption. You have the power to write your own script about the kind of divorce you'll give your kids, the kind of childhood they'll remember, and the kind of lessons that will guide them throughout their lives.

Get it with A Guided Journal for Staying on the High Road, the perfect gift for co-parents, family, and friends after divorce.

Product Details ISBN: 9798986768403
Publisher: Dyt Consultant LLC
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 148
Language: English