A large crowd formed outside Square Books in anticipation of Caroline Kennedy's book signing October 11th.   At 4 p.m. Ms. Kennedy took her seat behind a table in the back of the store and graciously greeted everyone in attendance, many of whom related stories about the influence her family had had on their lives. She asked questions of many Ole Miss students, and was photographed continuously, shook a lot of hands, signed all the copies of Listening In, and surprised the crowd down the street at Off Square Books with an impromptu appearance on Thacker Mountain Radio. Backstage she met Charlie Mars, who gave her his new CD, Blackberry Light, along with a brief (and we suspect partial) tattoo presentation.

Having been urged to come to Oxford by her daughter, Rose, who visited Oxford this summer, Caroline Kennedy took the time to acquaint herself with our town, and was noticed by lots of folks as she walked around the Square, ate in local restaurants, drove around town and campus, and toured Rowan Oak. She took a special interest in seeing the home of L. Q. C. Lamar, as Lamar is one of the subjects of her father's classic book, Profiles In Courage. Her visit here is unquestionably one of Square Books' prouder and more memorable moments.  RH

**We have a few signed copies of LISTENING IN left at Square Books so call and order today.