Author Event

Nevada Barr signs BURN

New York Times best-selling author Nevada Barr comes to Square Books to read and discuss her newest novel Burn.

Fans of National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon will be glad to know she’s back in action, though still dealing with post-traumatic stress brought on by near-death experiences in the previous two Pigeon books. In Burn, she shares the sleuthing with another character—unusual, but maybe this is a new trend, considering Anna’s healing process. While visiting a friend who works at the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park, Anna explores the urban wilderness of New Orleans, encountering beasts far more savage than any four-legged creature found in a national park--the kind who prey on the innocent and enrage Anna. Anna gets bold when she’s angry. We might roll our eyes at the chances she takes, but we’re glad she’s such a gutsy gal and gets rid of the bad guys. And we hope she does it again. SLM

An "Off" Night with Kevin Sampsell, Mary Miller & Claudia Smith

Another "Off" Night at Off Square Books featuring readings by Kevin Sampsell, Mary Miller, and Claudia Smith.

In 2008, Kevin Sampsell's estranged father died of an aneurysm. When he returned home to Kennewick, Washington, for the funeral, Kevin's mother revealed to him disturbing threads in their family history — stories of incest, madness, betrayal, and death. In A Common Pornography, he tells his family's unforgettable story — from his mother's first tumultuous marriages and his father's physical, pyschological, and sexual abuse of his half-sister to his own tales of first jobs, first bands, and first loves in the Pacific Northwest in the '70s and '80s.

One of Sampsell's previous books was written as a kind of "memory experiment," in which he recollected luminous details from his childhood in independently amusing chapters. Employing the same form of memoir in A Common Pornography, he intertwines the tragic with the everyday, the dysfunctional with the fun, lending the book its undeniable, unsensationalized reality. He captures the many shades and the whole of the Sampsell family — both its tragedy and its resiliency.

Alex Heard "The Eyes of Willie McGee"

Alex HeardAlex Heard will be at Off Square Books reading and signing copies of The Eyes of Willie McGee.

Convicted of the rape of a white woman in Mississippi, Willie McGee was executed in 1951, and the mysteries surrounding his case live on. Based on court transcripts, newspaper reports, archived papers, letters, FBI documents, and the recollections of family members on both sides, Mississippi native Alex Heard tells a moving and unforgettable story that evokes the bitter conflicts between black and white, North and South, in America. “… tragic, sad, and very compelling.” — John Grisham

Charlaine Harris at the Hernando Public Library

Charlaine Harris will be signing her new book, Dead in the Family, on Monday, July 12 at the Hernando Public Library in Hernando, MS. Square Books will be providing the books for this event.

The Hernando Library is located at 320 West Commerce Street in Hernando. 

Charlaine Harris is a native of Tunica County and is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, which is the basis for the hit HBO series TRUE BLOOD. 

Sandra Beasley "I Was the Jukebox"

Sandra BeasleySandra Beasley will be at Off Square Books to sign and read from her latest book of poetry, I Was the Jukebox.

I have an economic theory of poetry: a truly exceptional line or phrase that takes your mind someplace interesting is worth at least a couple of dollars; so, if there are ten such lines in a book of poetry, it's about worth what you paid for it. By this theory, the value of I Was The Jukebox is more than ten times its cost because there are several remarkable lines and ideas in virtually every poem in the book. The poet is Sandra Beasley, who will be the guest poet at Ole Miss this summer.

Glenn Taylor "The Marrowbone Marble Company"

Glenn TaylorGlenn Taylor will be at Off Square Books to read and sign The Marrowbone Marble Company.

Just like his father before him, Loyal Ledford worked the swing shift at the Mann Glass factory in Huntington, West Virginia. However, after returning from he war, a dream would change the course of Ledford’s life forever. Ledford then picks up his family and moves to Marrowbone Cut, the land of is ancestors, where he erects the Marrowbone Marble Company. It is there, in the heart of a community where race and class have no bearing that a change begins. But, with that change comes any, many problems. This is the second novel by M. Glenn Taylor, author of The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart. NH


Lucy Bledsoe "Big Bang Symphony"

Lucy Jane BledsoeLucy Bledsoe will be at Off Square Books to read and sign copies of Big Bang Symphony.

Antarctica is a vortex that draws you back, season after season. The place is so raw and pure, all seal hide and crystalline iceberg. The fishbowl communities at McMurdo Station, South Pole Station, and in the remote field camps intensify relationships, jack all emotion up to a 10. The trick is to get what you need and then get out fast. At least that’s how thirty-year-old Rosie Moore views it as she flies in for her third season on the Ice. She plans to avoid all entanglements, romantic and otherwise, and do her work as a galley cook. But when her flight crash-lands, so do all her plans. Mikala Wilbo, a brilliant young composer whose heart—and music—have been frozen since the death of her partner, is also on that flight. She has come to the Ice as an artist-in-residence, to write music, but also to secretly check out the astrophysicist father she has never met. Arriving a few weeks later, Alice Neilson, a graduate student in geology who thinks in charts and equations, is thrilled to leave her dependent mother and begin her career at last. But from the start she is aware that her post-doc advisor, with whom she will work in Antarctica, expects much more from their relationship. As the three women become increasingly involved in each other’s lives, they find themselves deeply transformed by their time on the Ice. Each falls in love. Each faces challenges she never thought she would meet. And ultimately, each finds redemption in a depth and quality of friendship that only the harsh beauty of Antarctica can engender.

The Big Bang Symphony: A Novel of Antarctica By Lucy Jane Bledsoe Cover Image
ISBN: 9780299235000
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Published: University of Wisconsin Press - May 6th, 2010

Antarctica is a vortex that draws you back, season after season. The place is so raw and pure, all seal hide and crystalline iceberg. The fishbowl communities at McMurdo Station, South Pole Station, and in the remote field camps intensify relationships, jack all emotion up to a 10.

Reif Larsen

Reif LarsenReif Larsen will be at Off Square Books to read and sign copies of The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet.

Tecumseh Sparrow Spivet is an unusual boy, in an unusual family, with a heavy, secret burden. Twelve years old and living on a ranch in Montana, his father is the quintessential cowboy, rugged and taciturn. His mother, a brilliant beetle entomologist, has devoted years to looking for a beetle, which might be mythical. His sister, a teenage drama queen, is dying to escape this rural ranch, and his older brother, the beloved son, is dead. T.S. is hopeless as a cowboy, but is a gifted cartographer and diagram designer. Everything in his life is examined and charted in one of hundreds of notebooks he keeps. When the Smithsonian calls to offer T.S., who they believe to be an adult, an award for his work he sets off alone on an incredible adventure cross-country to Washington. Many of his drawings find their way onto the pages of this inventive novel about a young boy, heartbroken and adrift as he gets an education in the ways of the world while maintaining his own innocence. CFR

The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet: A Novel By Reif Larsen Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780143117353
Published: Penguin Books - April 27th, 2010

A boundary-leaping debut tracing a gifted young map maker’s attempt to understand the ways of the world