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  • QUICK & EASY SHOPPING Students in Mississippi can get their required school reading tax free. You can place your order in store, over the phone, or here on our website.orders for in-stock titles are often ready for pickup in less than a day. Some tips:
    • Look for the listing On Our Shelves Now for most in-stock titles. If we do not have a title, we will do our best to get it for you as quickly as possible -- as soon as overnight, in some cases.

    • Search for your books by ISBN-13 (the numbers near the barcode) to be sure you're getting the correct edition. 

    • We are a trade bookstore so we won't be able to provide textbooks but we have access to just about every novel, essay collection, etc. currently in print.

Wish Lists

Did you know?

You can create a wish list on our website! It's as simple as clicking on the item you want then clicking "Add to Wish List." Cormac McCarthy's new book, anyone? Or how about the latest John Grisham thriller? Did you see Deesha Philyaw at Thacker Mountain and now you need to read her book? Put it on your wish list! Having a tough time making a decision? You can even add gift cards!

This is a great tool for your holiday wish lists, birthday lists, even wedding and baby registries! 

Items can be shipped directly to you or picked up in store. 

George Floyd

It hardly needs to be said that the murder of George Floyd has utterly changed the dynamic of the dialogue and, one hopes, the behavior, as well, about race in America.
Only a few years ago, I had a sense of optimism about some progress in this regard,
as well as a renewed spirit to compel further progress, and expressed that here.  

Square Books’ lifelong support for and promotion of the First Amendment is closely aligned with a dedication to  racial justice.