Mike Stewart sits with his world famous pups. Deke, the cover dog, sits on the right.


Mike Stewart and his pack stopped by last week to sign copies of his new book SPORTING DOG AND RETRIEVER TRAINING THE WILDROSE WAY: RAISING A GENTLEMAN'S GUNDOG FOR HOME AND FIELD (Rizzoli, hd. 45.00). Stewart has been training dogs since he was a child, and this book outlines his unique, low-force, positive training method that has made Wildrose Kennels of Oxford, Mississippi one of the top dog training facilities in the United States, if not the world. With tons of illustrations, diagrams and beautiful photographs, SPORTING DOG AND RETRIEVER TRAINING is part training guide mixed with part coffee table book. This is going to be a great buy for the holiday season for anyone interested in hunting, dogs or just teaching some new tricks to an old friend.  AB