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An Enchanting Victorian Fantasy

In a whirlwind of change, Victoria Haversham plans to leave London behind. Dreaming of a life with her newfound family in paradise. Determined to choose her own future.

A bit worse for wear but healing, Rob McDuff prepares for upheaval of his own. Besides departing Britain for the first time, he faces a reunion he long believed impossible.

But a dangerous enemy they both thought defeated secretly begins his own recovery.

Gathering allies and information that threaten to derail Victoria and Rob’s adventures before they begin.

Will Victoria and Rob recognize the danger before they’re trapped forever?

The Odd Society: Book Two

An excerpt from Protected by Means of Magic:

Return of a Menace

Sister Amelia was nearly her composed self, though she looked far from happy.

“Father Hall sent me with a most urgent message. For you too, Miss Jean, and I would think Miss Victoria would want to know as well. It seems someone has been asking after you at your boarding house, Mr. McDuff.”

Everything in McDuff’s body seemed to stop at once, and a clammy chill overtook him. Jean spoke before he could manage to draw his next breath.

“How did he hear of this? Did he say who, or what the person looked like?”

“Father Hall was strangely shy about that,” Sister Amelia said. “He said he’d much prefer to explain it himself, but if you asked I should go ahead. He left word there with a Mrs. Richards?”

McDuff nodded, and his neck creaked with tension.

“She was my landlady there, yes. Father Hall didn’t mention leaving word of any kind except that I wouldn’t be returning.”

“That’s what he said, exactly so. And that he should have told you both, but he’d hoped and prayed it would come to nothing. But he did leave word in case anyone ever came round. That happened yesterday evening.”

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ISBN-13: 1230004410171
Publisher: Spiral Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: December 14th, 2020