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A nuanced examination of the Israel’s past, present, and future, after reaching its seventy-fifth anniversary and enduring its most challenging year ever, from the two-time National Jewish Book Award–winning author of Israel. Revised and updated throughout for the paperback edition.

In 1948, Israel’s founders sought a “national home for the Jewish people,” where Jewish life would be transformed. The state they ultimately made, says Daniel Gordis, is a place of extraordinary success and maddening disappointment, a story of both unprecedented human triumph and great suffering.

When it marked its seventy-fifth anniversary, Israel was in the throes of its most dangerous internal rupture ever. Then it was attacked from the outside and plunged into existential uncertainty. In light of those first seventy-five years and the earthquakes of 2023 that shook the country to its core, Gordis asks: Has Israel fulfilled the dreams of its founders?

Using Israel's Declaration of Independence as his measure, Gordis weighs Israel’s successes, critiques its failures, and acknowledges its inherent contradictions—ultimately suggesting that though it has often fallen short, the Jewish state is a success far beyond anything its founders could have imagined.