Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 5:00pm

Bruce Machart will be at Off Square Books to talk about The Wake of Forgiveness.

Lyn's review from Dear Reader:

Bruce Machart’s debut novel, The Wake of Forgiveness, begins at the turn of the last century in Texas, a place of horses and men--hard, bitter men and the violence that erupts from their struggles.  Karel is the youngest son of such a man.  A Czech farmer whose tenuous tie to humanity is severed when his wife dies in childbirth, devolves into a brutal machine who lives to work and harnesses his sons like mules.  Karel, who has never known a mother’s love, sees the blame in his father’s eyes as the cause of his mother’s death, but he is also a gifted rider, a talent that his father uses to add to his landholdings. When Villasenor, a wealthy Spanish rancher, challenges his father, Karel becomes the instrument of release for his brothers, who marry the Villasenor sisters, and the sacrificial lamb who must stay behind.  As a man with a family of his own, Karel will be forced to confront the past and his estranged brothers.  It is inevitable that this debut novel will be compared to Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy with its horses and violent men, but this is also about women whose seeming softness belies their strength.  Comparisons to Kent Haruf for evocative setting and family and even William Faulkner in his ability to expose the naked and brutal hearts of men are appropriate.  Ultimately however, Bruce Machart is his own writer, a gifted one who has created this passionate and compassionate story that stands apart.  We are anticipating meeting this talented contributor to American letters and honored that Square Books will be the first stop on his bookstore tour Sept 28th. CFR