David Wesley Williams signs LONG GONE DADDIES

This lyrical multigenerational musician's tale marks veteran newspaperman Williams's impressive first novel. Luther Gaunt is the young front man and lyricist for the rock-'n'-roll band Long Gone Daddies, their name derived from an early Hank Williams song. Luther comes from a family of talented but frustrated musicians. His grandfather Malcolm, "a white man could sing black," was fatally shot in a married woman's bed, and his father, who took after his father when it came to women, stuck around just long enough to teach his son guitar chords. Inspired by his family's colorful musical tradition, Luther views his destiny as making it big without losing his integrity and finds a willing ally when Delia Shook and her "endless legs" joins the band. A femme fatale fired with ambition, she seduces Luther, usurps control of Long Gone Daddies, and coerces Luther to write her the megahit song, "I Don't Melt," just in time for a transformative gig in Memphis. The historical backdrop, including a cameo by young Elvis as a busboy, adds delightful texture and rich depth to Williams's fictional account of the early days of rock 'n' roll.
Long Gone Daddies By David Wesley Williams Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780895875938
Published: John F. Blair, Publisher - March 5th, 2013

Some nights, we have the road to ourselves and the radio sings only for us. We play our shows and tear-ass out. Tonight, it was this little dive bar in a town we took to calling East Motherless. But we play, no matter. We rock and then we roll. The soundcheck and the fury, the power chord and the glory. Then we load our gear into a muddy-brown Merc with a little trailer behind, and we're off.

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