Dean Faulkner Wells signs EVERY DAY BY THE SUN: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi

On Saturday, March 19, at 5:00 p.m., we hope you will join us for a festive occasion at the Lyric Theatre -- the building where the town came out for the 1949 world premiere of the film based on Faulkner’s book, Intruder in the Dust – when we will celebrate the launch of Dean Faulkner Wells’s terrific book, Every Day by the Sun.

Joining Dean for this event will be Lee Durkee, Tom Franklin, Ace Atkins, Wright Thompson, and Jack Pendarvis. 

"Nobody could have written this book except Dean Faulkner Wells. It is not only charming, poignant and witty, it is a priceless contribution to America's rich literary history."Winston Groom, author, Forrest Gump

"Dean Faulkner Wells has written a memorable family story, full of the intimacies of place and cherished connections, that not incidentally sheds unexpected, humanizing light on her august uncle, William Faulkner."--Thomas McGuane

"A funny, extremely readable, incredibly likable memoir of what it was like to grow up with the great man….A wonderful book."--Mark Childress, author of Crazy in Alabama

"Read Every Day by the Sun, then read Go Down Moses, The Hamlet, The Town, The Mansion, and you will feel you have been on an archaeological dig with a master. Dean Faulkner Wells knows where the gold is buried, where the heart strings sang, where the understanding and love were engendered….Burn the deconstructionists’ texts. Every day By The Sun is all you need."—Ellen Gilchrist

"I can't recall the last time I enjoyed a book as much as Every Day By The Sun. Dean Faulkner Wells has performed a miracle: She’s brought a great man back to life, and in doing so she’s summoned a time and a place that now seem too far gone. I love her clean, sharp, unpretentious prose, the well-hewn stories piled one on top of the other, the intimate revelations about a family that belongs to all of us but belonged to her first. William Faulkner is a fascinating character indeed, but it is Wells herself whom I found most captivating. She’s somebody to fall in love with and never get over."--John Ed Bradley, author, Tupelo Nights

"A fresh, affectionate view of 'Pappy,' the great and difficult writer."--Roy Blount, Jr.

Square Books review: 

Dean Faulkner Wells is the sole surviving family member of the generation that followed that of William Faulkner, Dean's uncle who was always "Pappy" to her, as Dean's father, Dean Swift Faulkner, died in a plane crash shortly before his only child was born.   There is no one in the family left to dispute or complain about or be embarrassed by what Dean Faulkner Wells might say; so, praise the Lord, she says it all.   And she says it well.   There have been other Faulkner family memoirs: brother John's My Brother Bill, nephew Jimmy's Across the Creek, brother Murry's The Falkners of Mississippi, stepson Malcolm's Bitterweeds; and books by friends and lovers and mere acquaintances, Ben Wasson's book, Meta Carpenter Wilde's book, Herman Taylor's book, Jim Webb and Wigfall Green's book; and even books about Faulkner's friends and family, Phil Stone of Oxford, and so on.   But none of these gets the reader quite as close to what feels like the real thing as Dean Faulkner Wells, and it is due to this writer's combination of honesty and artful prose.   Given Dean Wells' candor about her own life in this book, her insight into the lives of others has great verity.   We get a credible glimpse of the lives of Jill, Vicki, and Cho Cho; of Dean's mother and father and stepfather; of other family members, friends, and, indeed, Faulkner's lovers; and, of course, of Pappy.   Because what Dean Wells writes is so well crafted and fascinating, in one sense you don't really care who these people are, or whether they were famous or important.   Every Day by the Sun provides a beautiful rendition a girl's coming of age among an unusual family, and is highly entertaining and interesting, a must for Faulknerphiles, for Oxonians, and for readers everywhere who enjoy fine books. RH

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Published: Crown - March 22nd, 2011

In Every Day by the Sun, Dean Faulkner Wells recounts the story of the Faulkners of Mississippi, whose legacy includes pioneers, noble and ignoble war veterans, three never-convicted mur­derers, the builder of the first railroad in north Mississippi, the founding president of a bank, an FBI agent, four pilots (all brothers), and a Nobel Prize winner, arguably the most important Ameri

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Saturday, March 19, 2011 - 5:00pm
160 Courthouse Sq
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