Katy Houston signs SWEETNESS FOLLOWS

This book contains photos and recipes for the desserts that Katy Houston made and delivered every Monday morning for over a year to Sam Lane while he was at his home in Jackson in recovery.
Sam was riding his bicycle in Athens, GA, his junior year when he was hit by a drunk driver and sustained life threatening injuries. Katy's son, Andrew, was his roommate at The University of Georgia at the time and Sam's lifelong friend.
Delivering this homemade dessert, which fondly came to be called "the treat of the week", was Katy's way of showing that she cared.
Through quotes and stories you see how so many people expressed their love and support for this family and how the Lane family found their own ways to give in return.
In the South, friends, family and food are all tied together. This book celebrates all three.
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Friday, October 12, 2012 - 5:00pm
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