Malcolm White with LITTLE STORIES

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 5:00pm

About the Author

Malcolm White is a native Mississippian, an entrepreneur, and a public servant. He calls the Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson and Old Town in Bay St. Louis home. When he is not seeking ephemeral landscapes and peculiar perspectives on ordinary subjects, he's eating lunch at Hal & Mal's or traveling the endless backroads, proselytizing the Mississippi story.



What I present in this little book is how I see my postage stamp of earth; the place I call home and where I have made my life. The light, the story, the vantage point is a collection of experiences, a perspective of my journey, of my time spent looking and pondering. Eudora Welty once wrote, “to know one place well, is to understand all places better.” Here I share what I know — and in this case it is a geography known as Mississippi, a place of phantasmagoric change and historic resistance to change; a place beloved and a place despised and detested — a place of paradox, home.

Praise For…

" is a personal exploration and delightful compendium of visual images that provide insight into an array of unique facets about The Magnolia State. It’s a treasure trove of visual imagery that delights, mesmerizes and spurs inner dialogue." Jim Ewing for the Clarion Ledger

"In terms of the images themselves, almost all of "Little Stories" is quite appealing to look at. The layout of the photos, which can appear as one large centerpiece or as many as nine to a page, is clean and simple. A blanket of white surrounds each photo, ensuring that the viewers' eyes head right where they need to be and stay there. Ultimately, there is more than enough character and intriguing imagery here to carry you through "Little Stories." While it isn't the only collection to feature this style of photography, this one is certainly specific to Mississippi and, perhaps more so, to White. And I can say from experience, you'll crack it open more than once to take another look at those places you just can't quite put a name to." Micah Smith for the Jackson Free Press

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