Matt Dellinger signs INTERSTATE 69

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 5:00pm

Matt Dellinger will be at Off Square Books to read Interstate 69.

The books we have seen on great highways have always been about who and what is on the road. Interstate 69 is one of a kind -- the highway isn't yet built, and the story is about the building of it, or the possibility it will not be built. As most around here know, the road is to be a 1,400 mile extension south from Indianapolis that will connect Canada to Mexico -- the "NAFTA" highway -- with a portion of it running through the Mississippi Delta. Written by a young but veteran New Yorker reporter, Matt Dellinger, Ken Auletta said that the author, "From the first page... draws a compellingly written narrative that is not only hard to put down but is sweeping in its context." On this trip, the reader discovers much about what has gone into the planning -- and fussing, fighting and deal-making -- of Interstate - 69, and the great book that Ian Frazier called "an affectionate, hard-won, and skillfully-made book, filled with the pleasures of original discovery." Don't miss the chance to hear Dellinger speak and answer questions about Interstate 69 on September 21. Reception beginning at 5, talk at 5:30 p.m. RH