Nevada Barr signs BURN

New York Times best-selling author Nevada Barr comes to Square Books to read and discuss her newest novel Burn.

Fans of National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon will be glad to know she’s back in action, though still dealing with post-traumatic stress brought on by near-death experiences in the previous two Pigeon books. In Burn, she shares the sleuthing with another character—unusual, but maybe this is a new trend, considering Anna’s healing process. While visiting a friend who works at the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park, Anna explores the urban wilderness of New Orleans, encountering beasts far more savage than any four-legged creature found in a national park--the kind who prey on the innocent and enrage Anna. Anna gets bold when she’s angry. We might roll our eyes at the chances she takes, but we’re glad she’s such a gutsy gal and gets rid of the bad guys. And we hope she does it again. SLM

Event date: 
Thursday, August 12, 2010 - 5:00pm
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