Paul Canonici signs LA BEFANA

Take a trip through Italy with La Befana, the country's favorite legendary character. La Befana is the old lady who visits Italian children on the night of January fifth, the Eve of the Epiphany, bringing goodies to those who have been good and pieces of coal to the naughty. The legend recalls the Magi's visit to the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

Paul Canonici introduces you to his version of La Befana, a kind, loving grandmother, as opposed to the traditional ugly witch with a long nose and pointed hat. His art and illustrations, inspired by Italian scenes, take you to some of his favorite places.

The legend of La Befana is as popular with adults as it is with children. Consequently, this book is intended for dreamers and art lovers of all ages and for all seasons.
Event date: 
Friday, November 23, 2012 - 5:00pm
160 Courthouse Sq
38655-3914 Oxford
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