Peter Heller signs THE DOG STARS

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 5:00pm

THE DOG STARS by Peter Heller
Knopf, hd. 24.95

What you are guaranteed to get from The Dog Stars: a hunting-fishing-nature-airplane-dog-survivalist drama. What you might not expect: being part of the rush of adventure from inside the head of Hig, the hunter-gatherer-pilot-survivalist. Hig's moment-by-moment thoughts are a necessary and constant guard in the devastated and altered land (the West) where he continues to find beauty and solace in the natural world even though people hunt and kill each other and there is only one friend and one dog to trust. Hig sets out in his 1950s Cessna aircraft to answer a vague transmission, because he wants to believe there will be a new beginning, or if not that, an end. The Dog Stars is unnerving, enthralling, moving. Peter Heller, an adventure writer/editor (Outdoors and National Geographic Adventure magazines) is in touch with more than trees and streams with this one. SLM


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