Roy Blount with SAVE ROOM FOR PIE

Monday, April 4, 2016 - 5:00pm

About the Author

Roy Blount Jr. is the author of "Alphabet Juice "and books covering subjects from the Pittsburgh Steelers to Robert E. Lee to what dogs are thinking. He is a regular panelist on NPR's "Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me!" and is a member of the American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel. Born in Indianapolis and raised in Decatur, Georgia, Blount lives in western Massachusetts with his wife, the painter Joan Griswold.


"Our best-laid plans will yield to fate."
"And we will say, We lived. We ate. "

Roy Blount Jr. is one of America's most cherished comic writers. He's been compared to Mark Twain and James Thurber, and his books have been called everything from a work of art (Robert W. Creamer, "The New York Times" "Book Review") to a book to read till it falls apart ("Newsweek"). Now, in "Save Room for Pie," he applies his much-praised wit and charm to a rich and fundamental topic: food.

As a lifelong eater, Blount always got along easy with food he didn t have to think, he just ate. But food doesn t exist in a vacuum; there's the global climate and the global economy to consider, not to mention Blount's chronic sinusitis, which constricts his sense of smell, and consequently his taste buds. So while he's always frowned on eating with an ulterior motive, times have changed. "Save Room for Pie" grapples with these and other food-related questions in Blount's signature style. Here you ll find lively meditations on everything from bacon froth to grapefruit, Kobe beef to biscuits. You ll also find defenses of gizzards, mullet, okra, cane syrup, watermelon, and boiled peanuts; an imagined dialogue between Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; input from Louis Armstrong, Frederick Douglass, and Blaze Starr; and of course some shampooed possums and carjacking turkeys.

In poems and songs, limericks and fake (or sometimes true) news stories, Blount talks about food in surprising and innovative ways, with all the wit and verve that prompted Garrison Keillor, in "The Paris Review," to say: Blount is the best. He can be literate, uncouth, and soulful all in one sentence.

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Published: Sarah Crichton Books - March 15th, 2016

Our best-laid plans will yield to fate.
And we will say, “We lived. We ate.”