THACKER MOUNTAIN RADIO HOUR: Lee Harper for Tiny Oxford, Vol. 1

Thursday, October 28, 2021 - 6:00pm

Live - in person - at the Oxford Old Armory Pavilion

Health protocols will be in place including socially distanced seating and masks when needed. Lawn chairs and picnics welcome. Bring family and friends and join us!

We’re asking our audience to please space their seating and keep the health of everyone in mind.


Mississippi artist Lee Harper spends a lot of time in her studio just outside Oxford, creating a variety of miniature worlds with simple tools and an extraordinary combination of patience and precision.

Harper’s miniature model series History Bones started out as a Halloween-themed treat for her then-young son. A macabre parody of the Christmastime “Elf on the Shelf” tradition turned into skeletal appreciations of memento mori culture, historical true crime events and other macabre scenes rendered in detail-rich but micro-scale sculpture.

Her Tiny Oxford series began as an homage to Oxford fixture Ron Shapiro’s long-defunct Hoka Theatre, a pre-Starbucks coffee shop fondly remembered by generations of older UM students. Lee built a small-scale replica of the building from archival photos and presented the piece for the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council’s annual Powerhouse Christmas   auction, and was overwhelmed by the positive response and flood of personal stories.

The original Hoka led to a string of commissions and explorations of the places that give Oxford its historical local flavor — from architectural gems (both stately and homespun) to the family-run businesses that shaped life for generations.

This book is the first volume of Harper’s Oxford work that reminds us of the gems around us and how our everyday touchstones can shift over time. And why we should appreciate the life-sized versions while we can.

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About the Author

Lee Harper has lived in Oxford since 1999 with husband Andy and son Ben. She is a freelance artist and maker of small things. Lee created Tiny Oxford (with photographer & friend Pableaux Johnson) and the History Bones series. Learn more here:

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