Tom Franklin & Laura Lippman

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 5:00pm

Tom Franklin will be at Off Square Books to read Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter. Joining him will be Laura Lippman reading from I'd Know You Anywhere.

Richard's review from the Dear Reader

Those of us who grew up in Mississippi know where the book is set or what it's about, the title being a part of the jingle we were taught as a way to learn how to spell Mississippi. Silas Jones and Larry Ott grow up as boyhood friends and begin to drift apart by the rigidity of community judgment, the strictures of small town social order, especially as it is determined by race, and the maze of secrecy that is the past. Silas is black and Larry is white. Silas's ambitions as an athlete fade as he matures and becomes a county constable, while Larry drifts into social isolation, a mechanic whose garage has no business because he is associated, though never charged, with a long-ago crime. When an Ole Miss coed, home on break, disappears, Silas's skills as a lawman are put to test and Larry is placed upon suspicion. Tom Franklin has layered masterfully a number of criminal and moral mysteries throughout the riveting plot, in which the tension lies in whether a combination of coincidences and the flimsy edifice of society will destroy Silas and Larry both morally and physically. As innocent children who learn the spelling of Mississippi by a sing-song riddle, might there also a code, at least one for Larry and Silas, that unlocks the complex and often dangerous nature of man? RH

Sally's review of Laura Lippman's book from the Dear Reader

Laura Lippman is the bestselling author of 17 suspense novels and she’s the winner of a host of crime fiction awards, so she knows her way around a mystery. I’d Know You Anywhere  is the tale of a young mother whose past holds a dark secret, a secret that comes barging into her present when the man who kidnapped her when she was a teenager and held her hostage for six weeks contacts her from Death Row. He wants her forgiveness, and he also thinks she can save him from being put to death. Eliza is torn between confronting memories of that horrible summer and accepting the possibility that a reunion with her kidnapper might gain information about other girls who weren’t as fortunate as she. It’s all about psychological manipulation, both from behind bars and from the cocoon of a Baltimore suburb. SLM


Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter: A Novel By Tom Franklin Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780060594664
Published: William Morrow - October 5th, 2010