Friday, July 6, marks the fiftieth anniversary of William Faulkner's death on July 6, 1962. His home town of Oxford -- incidentally celebrating at this time its 175th birthday -- has changed enormously since the time he lived and wrote about this place and its people.   But it seems that interest in his literature of Yoknapatawpha remains as great today -- based on sales at Square Books -- as at any time since those books were published, just as critical regard continues to be of great esteem (see John Jeremiah Sullivan's marvelous piece on Absalom, Absalom! in the June 28 New York Times Magazine.

When Faulkner was buried here in Oxford, businesses on the Square closed for a fifteen-minute period, from 2:00 -- 2:15 p.m., as the long hearse carrying the small body of the great writer motored slowly around the Square on its way to St. Peter's Cemetery. In a similarly modest demonstration of respect, on Friday, July 6, at that same time of day, Square Books will close its stores for a fifteen minute period.

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