George Floyd


It hardly needs to be said that the murder of George Floyd has utterly changed the dynamic of the dialogue and, one hopes, the behavior, as well, about race in America.
Only a few years ago, I had a sense of optimism about some progress in this regard,
as well as a renewed spirit to compel further progress, and expressed that here.  

Square Books’ lifelong support for and promotion of the First Amendment is closely aligned with a dedication to  racial justice.

Just as, several years ago, Square Books demanded the repeal of the Mississippi Legislature’s HB1523 (which accommodated LGBTQ discrimination) expressed through this manifesto it is now time to accelerate support for Black Lives Matter in concrete ways.

Soon we will begin hosting a series of discussions, each centered around one book -- Crossroads Book Discussion, with the subhead, "Borne by the 2020 Spring."
There will be two co-hosts for each session.   We will start off on Zoom and gather -- once we can -- at Off Square Books.
The idea is for the book to serve as a fulcrum for discussions about racial & social justice.  

We are spinning off our African American Studies section a new section called Race Matters,
to expand and actively promote our inventory of foundational and many more recent publications on racial justice.

We are open to your ideas regarding the way forward. Please join us, and, as always, thank you for your support for Square Books.

-- Richard Howorth