George Saunders Highlights Early 2013 at Square Books

When CivilWarLand In Bad Decline was published in 1996, few had heard of its author or were familiar with his stories, and we worked pretty hard here at Square Books to urge folks to come to his reading on the evening of March 16. We were wild about this first book by George Saunders, and the curious Oxford crowd made a strong showing. He read "Offloading For Mrs. Schwartz," and has enjoyed a very loyal following here ever since. He has returned a few times over the years, with some of his subsequent books and to appear at Ole Miss, and now we are as excited as we were back in 1996 because his new book, Tenth of December, his first book of stories in seven years, remains so fresh, wild, and entertaining. But we're not his only fans. He received a MacArthur "genius grant," and the new book and its author are the subject of a recent essay by Joel Lovell in the New York Times, entitled "The Best Book You'll Read This Year."         
Again we urge you to join us -- on January 24, 2013 -- to meet and hear George Saunders, who leads an exciting group of writers who will be coming here early this year, and about whom we'll be blogging later, including Susan Puckett (Eat, Drink, Delta), Jan. 22; Dan Gutman (Genuis Files: You Only Die Twice) at Square Books Jr Jan. 27 (and in local schools the following day); Molly Crosby (The Great Pearl Heist) Jan. 30; and Cory Doctorow (Homeland) February 18.  RH

*Purchase your book in advance and up to 2 seats will be reserved for you at the event.