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“This summer’s first romantic page turner.”
—Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

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Those of us who were not aware of The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, much less could pronounce its title, suddenly became aware when the fastidious New York Times reviewer Michiko Kakutani proclaimed it "this summer's first romantic page-turner." We doubt Ms. Kakutani has referred to any book, at least favorably, this way, but, as is often the case, she's right. The story features 15 year-old Thea Atwell, a wealthy Florida girl who, in 1930, has been sent away to a North Carolina horse riding camp after "the awful mess" she made back home. Exactly what that mess was is central to the novel's development and won't be spoiled here, but I can say that the book is suspensefully built upon moral ambiguities Thea finds too tempting not to explore, and is exceedingly well written. This is the first novel by Anton DiSclafani, who will be here July 24, so signed copies should be available. RH

"In elegant prose that evokes the cadences of a vanished epoch, DiSclafani unfolds at a leisurely pace... An unusually accomplished and nuanced coming-of-age drama."-- Kirkus Review

"In her haunting debut, Anton DiSclafani reminded me how I came to love reading as a child, the way a book can so envelop you in its unique and vibrant world that even as you race toward the end, you find yourself dreading the moment it's finished. A fierce and tender, beautiful novel." -- Aryn Kyle, author of THE GOD OF ANIMALS