Hot Type & Love Stories -- Cool Reads Soon at Off Square Books

Paperback originals have a way of sneaking up on us, so here is fair warning we soon will be hosting two authors of paperback originals -- a great way to meet exciting authors of new books at affordable prices.

On Monday, April 29, debut novelist Rhonda Riley will be here with The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope (Ecco, $15.99). Booksellers here say they are reminded of The Time Traveler's Wife and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, and Lauren Groff makes comparisons to Alice Munro and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, saying the novel is "the most resonant and touching love story I've read in a very long time."

Then on Thursday, May 2, Ben Greenman will read from The Slippage (Harper Perennial, $14.99), a romantic novel about mid-life marriage that Karen Russell calls "relentlessly funny." Greenman is an editor at The New Yorker and has written three story collections and two previous novels, Superworse and Please Step Back.   
Enter these two dates in your calendar for promising events.