Introducing the Square Books Broadside Series

This fall Square Books is offering its Signed Firsts subscribers a chance to build on their personal libraries with broadsides based upon books selected for the Signed Firsts series. Each broadside will be signed and numbered by the author and likely will feature design elements that refer to the book from which it is excerpted. The broadsides will be printed letterpress in 150 copy editions. These broadsides can be framed or kept in the book for easy storing and collecting. Those subscribers that receive 18 books a year from Square Books will be given 2 free broadsides a year with the opportunity to purchase others at a 25% discount on the retail price. The subscribers that receive 12 books a year will have the opportunity to purchase any of the broadsides at a 20% discount on the retail price.

The first broadside is from John Brandon’s latest novel, Citrus County.  This broadside was printed letterpress by critique/strategy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in an edition of 150, which were signed by John Brandon. Click read more to view a brief film of the making of the Citrus County broadside.

To purchase a broadside or sign up for our Signed Firsts subscription please call 1-800-648-4001 or email Slade at

The broadsides are $20 each.



This broadside is based on an email sent by one of the main characters, Shelby, from Citrus County, to her Aunt Dale. The broadside is a letterpressed copy of the email as it would appear on your computer screen, but is something you can touch and feel printed on bright white paper. 

Citrus County is John Brandon's second novel published by McSweeney's. You can read a review of the book here.

You can listen to John read from Citrus County here.  

McDavid Moore (seen in the video below), originally from Jackson, Mississippi, lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where his press and art studio, critique/strategy, operates. This is the second broadside McDavid has printed for Square Books--the first being for John Grisham's Ford County


Filmed and edited by David Swider