MAMACITA, R.I.P. - c. 2001-2015

Mamacita, longtime store cat at Off Square Books, died peacefully earlier this week. She was born  c. 2001, and spent her early life at the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, coming to Off Square in 2003, where she charmed many visitors and Oxonians, young and old. (One of Mamacita's more unusual feline traits was her remarkable tolerance for the "affection" of very young children, including pinching, tickling, and tail-grabbing).  She may be best known for sleeping on the sales counter, where she enjoyed washing Slade Lewis' head, strolling through author readings (she once leapt up on the podium during a reading and reclined on the author's open book) and Thacker Mountain Radio, and attacking dogs who thoughtlessly entered her domain without permission. She loved people and spent a great deal of time napping with friends at Mitchell McNutt Law Office, visiting at Neilson's Department Store (once locked in overnight) , and, in her youth, cruising the Square late-night.  In recent years she retired to the country estate of Beckett Howorth IV, where she was livin' the dream. Mamacita was preceded in death by two daughters, Pickle and Alma. She leaves behind two good dog friends, Joe and Rivers, and many fans and admirers who have followed her on Facebook and corresponded with her. She was an excellent cat who will be greatly missed. Memorials in honor of Mamacita may be made to the OLC Humane Society, 413 McElroy Dr., or to