Melissa & Doug take over our receiving department

Melissa & Doug, the toy manufacturers, seem like nice people, but what they really are is smart.  So smart that they can get us to totally inundate our receiving department with an entire UPS truckload (yes, one truck just for us) of their puzzles, games, art supplies, kits & toys.  Every January they make us an offer we can't refuse.  If we place an order with them in January, we won't have to pay for it until mid-December. Business is slower & so is cash flow in January, so how can I resist ordering a years supply when we won't have to pay for it until 10 months later when business is brisk.  Furthermore, when I need to reorder during the year, as a participant in this program, they will give us 90 days and free freight.  Their products are great and this program makes it so easy fto stock them.  I wish other vendors would realize that working with retailers, offering innovative & generous terms, benefits everyone. So now we just need to figure out where to put it all! -LR