Mississippi Writers of The Times, of the Fall, With Signed Copies at Square Books

If you read the "Sunday Review" section of the August 11 edition of The New York Times you may have noticed three separate essays by writers from Mississippi, each of whom has a book coming this fall. All three of these writers are known primarily as novelists, showing that, although their fiction may not always be intended or viewed as relevant to our world today, their worldview and their skill in expressing it is.  

John Grisham, whose sequel to A Time To Kill, Sycamore Row, will be published on October 22, writes of Guantánamo injustice through the case of a wrongful eleven-year incarceration of Nabil Hadjarab. The writing here employs the same punchy, convincing prose style that his fiction fans know and appreciate.

Michael Farris Smith, who will be at Off Square on September 24 with his terrific novel, Rivers, posits in his Times essay a clever theory: what if there were were, in the writing world, the equivalent to steroids in professional baseball -- a pill that would enable him to write more, better, mega-selling books? Would he take such a pill?

Finally, Jesmyn Ward, the National Book Award-winning DeLisle, Mississippi, native whose appearance here with her powerfully meditative memoir, Men We Reaped, on September 17 we anxiously anticipate, writes of the ongoing crawl of America's racist history to its presence today.