The Actress by Michael Thompson

One wouldn’t expect a famous movie star to shoot a local farmer in the middle of the night in Solo, Mississippi, but it happens — and Martha’s investigative hackles are raised by the sobbing wife of the dead husband. Of course she becomes involved, because: “I’m the only reporter for The Bethel County Gazette. The knowing is easy. It’s the unknown that takes time to uncover. In a small town like Solo, we know everything about everybody. It’s strangers who keep us up at night. And crickets.”

The actress has been involved in a death before, with unresolved conclusions; but this one seems fairly straightforward: she saw a man attempting to break into her bedroom, and shot him. The problem lies in a note found in his hand, and the only possible conclusion is that more is going on than meets the eye.

Was it self-defense? Murder? Or something else?

Christian readers who love a good mystery are in for a treat with Michael Hicks Thompson’s The Actress, the second book in the Solo series, because it peppers Scripture quotes and a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life into a lively story replete with intrigue, humor, and religious inspection.

It’s not an easy job to keep all these facets in balance while juggling a series of puzzling events, but The Actress performs in a lively manner, enriched by the fact that it is inspired by a true story.

Price: $18.00