Chainsaws and Casseroles

It happened even before Hurricane Katrina’s winds stopped blowing: We checked on our neighbors. Got gas (when we could find it) and bought stuff at the store. We then took the stuff to our church or synagogue. And we didn’t just drop it off. We cut our way down Highway 49 to help our neighbors on the Gulf Coast.

When things got bad, we got good.

Sure, that’s terrible grammar. But it’s probably the truest statement I’ve encountered in my nearly 20 years of living in Mississippi. When the proverbial poop hits the fan, we rise to the occasion ¬– and get busy helping those in need.

This book is born from that spirit. It’s a collection of essays, short stories and cartoons I’ve created over the past few years. If there’s a golden thread that runs through its pages, it’s overcoming adversity with humor and grit.

If a tornado hit your house, before you could crawl out of the rubble, a church van would pull up full of people with chainsaws and casseroles.

That’s who we are. That’s what we’re about.

Price: $24.95