did I tell You What Happened? a fragmented memoir by elz

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elz is a 20 something, writing, reading, singing, drawing, and learning their way through this life as a gender fluid, Seven collector in Oxford, MS. They share an apartment turned arts studio with their partner, Benjamin, and their two tuxedo babes, Sheva and Sybil. The body of elz's work is rooted in how living with Bipolar Disorder provides (and often forcibly imposes) avenues of elevated emotional accesses. The elements of those accesses that ground most of elz's work surround the distortions and fragmentations that play with their experiences of time, spirituality, and interpersonal friendships. 

Praise for...
Playing "Three is a Magic Number" from School House Rock, serching for a loaned copy of Franny and Zooey, texting a photo of the cats' favorite food to one's partner at PetSmart -- from our ordinary occasiobs and everydays dialogue, Elz captures the gorgeous and gritty aspects of  human days and shows them to be days that are worth living. This beautifully designed fragmented memoir, enhanced with their own drawings, takes necessary risks. In did I tell You What Happened? they "use the sharps of my keys" to pop "the comforts of abstracts / bubble-wrapped" in order to be vulnerable. Keep telling us Elz: we're listening and we're grateful."

- Beth Ann Fennelly, author of Heating & Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs, W.W. Norton

"In their debut book, Elz reimagines the memoir to create a sonic labyrinth of reflection, empathy, and catharsis. Their work is in conversation with contemporariues like Alice Notley and Bhanu Kapil, while being a voraciously authentic intersection of 21st centurey prose, memoir, and poetry.:

- Dr. Daniel Dissinger, Assistant Professort at the University of Southern California & co-host of Writing Remix Podcast

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