Harold Finds a Voice

Harold is a parrot in Paris. He lives in a nice apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower, and he loves to imitate everything he hears: the alarm clock, coffeemaker, toaster, cell phone, TV, vacuum cleaner, and, especially, the sounds of the dryer whooshing and the toilet flushing. But this is a parrot with a problem. He is tired of mimicking the same old sounds, so he escapes through an open window and—voilà!—he is flying through a symphony of street sounds. In fact, everything seems to have its own voice—except for Harold. When he first tries his natural voice (RAWK!), he is horrified. But other parrots soon surround him, clapping their wings for his excellent sound. The domestic and street sounds that fill Dicmas’ debut book make it both an engaging and funny read-aloud (and mimic-aloud), not to mention an entrée into appreciating the world of sound. The message about finding your own voice has a wonderful vehicle in this comical parrot.

Price: $7.99