Mississippi Killer Blues by Scott Michael

Women are disappearing on the back roads of Lafayette County, Mississippi, which includes the city of Oxford, home of the University of Mississippi with its twenty thousand students.

Rooster Feathers, the owner of Rooster's Blues House in Oxford, is troubled by the failure of the County Sheriff Price Sibley to link these killings. But when one of Rooster's waitresses is added to the list, he's no longer about to sit on the sideline when Sibley pretends that the murders are unrelated.

Rooster, a licensed private investigator, starts scratching around and soon uncovers a web of corruption that reaches through Sibley to the most deadly motorcylce gang in the county. Threats follow, from the gang leader, a patron of Rooster's Blues House, and from the Sheriff, as well.

None of that, however, stops Rooster, especially not where friends, honor, and business are concerned. But as his hunt nears its end, even Rooster finds he's unprepared for the terror behind what will become one of Mississippi's most horrifying murder conspiracies. 

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