Recipe for green eggs from Storytime


1 box Vanilla Wafers - do not get store brand b/c they are not sturdy enough
1 package Vanilla Candy Coating - in baking section at Kroger (not sure about the brand)
1 pouch Betty Crocker green Cookie Icing - in the ready-to-use squeeze pouch

Spread the cookies out on a sheet of wax paper
Melt the candy coating per instructions - I did microwave, and it was fine
Pour the melted coating over each cookie with a large spoon - the coating will spread out to make the imperfect shape of a fried egg (so, don't place cookies too close together)
After the vanilla coating has dried completely, squeeze the green icing into a yolk shape on top of each cookie and allow to dry

Cookies will come off of the wax paper easily with the use of a spatula