Signed First Subscriptions

If you had ordered on a regular basis signed books from us since 1979, you would now have a library containing books signed by any number of the authors whose names appear in the lists below.

Such a library would include some of the most entertaining, interesting, and important books by American writers over the past twenty years — a library worth considerably more than what you would have paid for it, a library to last generations.

Square Books offers by subscription signed first editions. With only a few exceptions, all the books have been fiction, usually novels and occasionally a short story collection. For many years a number of customers have asked us to provide the same service for non-fiction titles. We have resisted doing so mainly because publishers simply did not promote non-fiction books in the same way, but in recent years this has changed. 

We now have two fiction groups, the new nonfiction group, and what we’re calling “the big mix,” which is a combination of fiction and nonfiction books, making a total of four signed first options.

Provide us your name, mailing address, and preferred method of billing, and we will send to you one book per month, approximately. There is no additional charge for the signing — all books are billed at list price, plus postage.

We extend the privilege of two refusals per year, (just mail the book back within 30 days), and around the first of each year we’ll send you a bonus book if you’ve been with us for six months. You will also receive, if you do not already, our quarterly newsletter, Dear Reader.

If you'd like to join or you have any questions about the Signed Firsts Club, call 662-236-2262 or send an email to Thank you for your interest and support.

Richard Howorth