1992 - 1995

1992 Selections

The Wrecking Yard — Pinkney Benedict
The Lost Father — Mona Simpson
Outerbridge Reach — Robert Stone
Net of Jewels — Ellen Gilchrist
Patron Saint of Liars — Ann Patchett
The Secret History — Donna Tartt
After All, It’s Only a Game — Willie Morris
Folly — Susan Minot
The Tale of the Body Thief — Anne Rice
Violence — Richard Bausch (Bonus Selection)

1993 Selections

Bats Out of Hell — Barry Hannah
The Client — John Grisham
Charms for the Easy Life — Kaye Gibbons
In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead — James Lee Burke
A Suitable Boy — Vikram Seth
Come to Me — Amy Bloom
Body and Soul — Frank Conroy
Wolf Whistle — Lewis Nordan
To the White Sea — James Dickey
Mustang Sally — Edward Allen (Bonus Selection)

1994 Selections

On Fire — Larry Brown
Platte River — Rick Bass
End of Vandalism — Tom Drury
Julip — Jim Harrison
The Chamber — John Grisham
Shot in the Heart — Mikal Gilmore
Dixie City Jam — James Lee Burke
Grass Dancer — Susan Power
Taft — Ann Patchett
Shelter — Jayne Anne Phillips
In the Lake of the Woods — Tim O’Brien
Museum of Happiness — Jesse Lee Kercheval (Bonus Selection)

1995 Selections

Cured by Fire — Tim McLaurin
Private Altars — Katherine Mosby
The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith — Peter Carey
The Age of Consent — Geoffrey Wolff
Notes From the Shore — Jennifer Ackerman
Saving Grace — Lee Smith
Independence Day — Richard Ford
Burning Angel — James Lee Burke
Sights Unseen — Kaye Gibbons
The Mulching of America — Harry Crews
The Hundred Secret Senses — Amy Tan
The Sharpshooter Blues — Lewis Nordan
The Patron Saint of Unmarried Women — Karl Ackerman (Bonus Selection)