2000 - 2003

2000 Selections

The Summer After June — Ashley Warlick 
Fay — Larry Brown 
Boy With Loaded Gun — Lewis Nordan
Dear Will — Karl Ackerman 
The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living — Martin Clark
Pastoralia — George Saunders
MotherKind — Jayne Anne Phillips
The Sound of One Hand Clapping — Richard Flanagan
So Far Back — Pam Durban
The Beast God Forgot to Invent — Jim Harrison
What Are You Like? — Anne Enright
Martha Peake — Patrick McGrath
The Diagnosis — Alan Lightman (Bonus Selection)

2001 Selections

Provinces of Night — William Gay
Mrs. Hollingsworth's Men — Padgett Powell
Rides of the Midway — Lee Durkee
Perfect Recall — Ann Beattie
Gob's Grief — Chris Adrian
Bonesetter's Daughter — Amy Tan
Visible Spirits — Steve Yarbrough
Gabriel's Story — David Anthony Durham
Bel Canto — Ann Patchett
Death of a River Guide — Richard Flanagan
Yonder Stands Your Orphan — Barry Hannah
Among the Missing — Dan Chaon
Ava's Man — Rick Bragg
Creatures of Habit — Jill McCorkle
Zigzagging Down a Wild Trail — Bobby Ann Mason
Peace Like a River — Leif Enger
Why Did I Ever? — Mary Robison
Miracle Life of Edgar Mint — Brady Udall (Bonus Selection)

2002 Selections

It Wasn't All Dancing — Mary Ward Brown
Deep in the Shade of Paradise — John Dufresne
Polar — T.R. Pearson
A Multitude of Sin — Richard Ford
Gould's Book of Fish — Richard Flanagan
Hollow Ground — Stephen Marion
Dirt Music — Tim Winton (Booker finalist)
The Last American Man — Elizabeth Gilbert (Nat'l Book Award finalist)
Life of Pi — Yann Martel (Booker Prize winner)
Lost Nation — Jeffrey Lent
The Heaven of Mercury — Brad Watson
(Natl Book Award finalist
The Hermit's Story — Rick Bass
Swan — Frances Mayes
The Crimson Petal and the White — Michel Faber
The Last Girls — Lee Smith
I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down — William Gay 
The Little Friend — Donna Tartt
My Losing Season — Pat Conroy
Off to the Side — Jim Harrison (Bonus Selection)

2003 Selections

Nine Horses — Billy Collins
The Hit — Jere Hoar
Bay of Souls — Robert Stone
The Master Butchers Singing Club — Louise Erdrich
Hell at the Breach — Tom Franklin
Willem's Field — Melinda Haynes
The Clearing — Tim Gautreaux
The Rabbit Factory — Larry Brown
Orchard — Larry Watson
The Known World — Edward P. Jones (National Book Critics Circle Award winner, National Book Award finalist)
Dead I Well May Be — Adrian McKinty
American Woman — Susan Choi (Pulitzer Prize finalist)
The Stories of Richard Bausch — Richard Bausch