2004 - 2007

2004 Selections

I Sailed With Magellan — Stuart Dybek
Prisoners of War — Yarbrough
Divining Women — Kaye Gibbons
Truth & Beauty — Ann Patchett
True North — Jim Harrison
You Remind Me of Me — Dan Chaon
Port Mungo — Patrick McGrath 
Eventide — Kent Haruf
Little Scarlet — Walter Mosley
Waiting for Teddy Williams — Howard Frank Mosher
Jonathan Strange & Mister Norrell — Susanna Clarke
About Grace — Anthony Doerr
Men and Cartoons — Jonathan Lethem
The Divine Husband — Francisco Goldman
The Green Age of Asher Witherow — M. Allen Cunningham
An Unfinished Life — Mark Spragg (Bonus Selection)

2005 Selections

The Celestial Jukebox — Cynthia Shearer
Baker Towers — Jennifer Haigh
Johnny Too Bad — John Dufresne
Life Studies — Susan Vreeland
Metropolis — Elizabeth Gaffney
Drama City — George Pelecanos
Gods in Alabama — Joshilyn Jackson
The Diezmo — Rick Bass
History of Love — Nicole Krauss
Glad News of the Natural World — T. R. Pearson
Canaan's Tongue — John Wray
In the Shadows of the Sun — Alexander Parsons
An Atomic Romance — Bobbie Ann Mason
Widow of the South — Robert Hicks
If You Want Me to Stay — Michael Parker
King of Kings County — Whitney Terrell
Out of Season — Robert Bausch
The Tender Bar — J. R. Moehringer
Whale Season — N. M. Kelby

2006 Selections

The Life All Around Me by Ellen Foster — Kaye Gibbons
The Brief History of the Dead — Kevin Brockmeier
The People's Act of Love — James Meek
Eat Pray Love — Elizabeth Gilbert
The Lightning Keeper — Starling Lawrence
The World Made Straight — Ron Rash
The Amalgamation Polka — Stephen Wright
A Death in Belmont — Sebastian Junger
Salvation Blues — Rodney Jones
Smonk — Tom Franklin
Coronado — Dennis Lehane
Winter's Bone — Daniel Woodrell
All Aunt Hagar's Children — Edward P. Jones
St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves — Karen Russell
Thirteen Moons — Charles Frazier
The Lay of the Land — Richard Ford
Thanksgiving Night — Richard Bausch
On Agate Hill — Lee Smith

2007 Selections

The Pirate’s Daughter — Margaret Cezair-Thompson
Holiday Season — Michael Knight
Run — Ann Patchett
The Used World — Haven Kimmel
Red Rover — Dierdre McNamer
Letter From Point Clear — Dennis McFarland
Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician — Daniel Wallace
The River Wife — Jonis Agee
Landsman — Peter Charles Melman
High Cotton — Gerald Helferich
The Ministry of Special Cases — Nathan Englander
What You Have Left — Will Allison
The Unknown Terrorist — Richard Flanagan
Coal Black Horse — Robert Olmstead
Finn — Jon Clinch
The Friends of Meager Fortune — David Adams 
Richards Returning to Earth — Jim Harrison
Prime Green — Robert Stone
Trail of Crumbs — Kim Sunee (Bonus Selection)