Square Books -- Publishers Weekly's 2013 Bookstore of the Year

Because Square Books has excellent booksellers and a community -- Oxford, Ole Miss, and friends from afar alike -- that has loyally supported us since 1979, we are very proud to have been announced (please click here for article) as Publishers Weekly's 2013 Bookseller of the Year. We will continue to work hard to present the most interesting and entertaining books, and the authors who write them, to you, and strive to give you the great service that we believe you deserve.

We also exist in the ecosystem of bookselling -- independent bookstores throughout the United States that endeavor to serve their respective communities just as we do in Oxford.   Although we are all competitors, the fact is that our collective breadth and diversity and our network with publishers, writers, and, most of all, our customers, serve to support the larger culture of publishing and writing that is most beneficial to readers. This is not done with one click.

Thank you, loyal customers; thank you, Square Books staff; thank you to our partners in publishing; thank you to the many splendid writers who work tirelessly to produce great reading; and thank you to our brothers and sisters in bookselling -- this award is for all of you. RH