Square Care Packages

Send love, books and gifts, and support Square Books!

Reach out while "social distancing" by sending Square Care Packages to friends, family, co-workers, employees—anyone at all, including yourself! Simply answer a few questions about preferences and reading habits, and we'll take care of the rest!

The classic Square Care Package includes a hardback or paperback book, a Square Books coffee mug, and our Square Books coffee blend. The hardback bundle also includes an Oxford themed sticker.

Already know what you want? You can make any order a Square Care Package by using the "add-on" option for $20.

Thank you for supporting us in these unusual times. We appreciate you and look forward to welcoming you into our stores again soon. 

Please note: Square Care Packages are made to order, and take roughly 24-48 hours to process
(unless you request a specific book that we do not have in stock, which will increase your processing time). 
We are not able to take returns at this time. If you need assistance, please call us at 662-236-2207.

Order a Square Care Package - Paperback ($35) 

Order a Square Care Package - Hardback ($55)

Add on a Gift Bundle! ($20) 

Graduation Bundles ($70-$75)