Square Books Podcast: Tom Franklin & Laura Lippman read to a packed house

Tom Franklin and Laura Lippman were in good company on Wednesday as they read from their newly released novels. The packed crowd at Off Square Books stood in line to get their books signed before the two authors took turns reading.  Some of Oxford’s finest were in attendance to celebrate hometown writer, teacher, colleague, and friend, Tom Franklin, and to meet his friend and fellow writer, Laura Lippman, here with her new novel, I’d Know You Anywhere.  

The overflow crowd served as a testament to the sustaining energy and quality of the Oxford literary scene.   Those in attendance were some of Oxford’s finest, including fellow-writers Curtis Wilkie, Jack Pendarvis, Ann Fisher Wirth, Ace Atkins, Lee Durkee, Neil White, John T. Edge, John Brandon, Jesmyn Ward, and Tom’s wife, the poet, Beth Ann Fennelly. Also in the crowd was Laura’s husband, David Simon, creator of The Wire and Treme on HBO, with their new baby—in a turquoise tutu. The Ole Miss English Department was represented by several faculty members and Chairman Ivo Kamps, and lots of students, MFAers and otherwise.  Also present was the University’s number one reader, Chancellor Dan Jones.   

The crowd was not simply big.  It had a very friendly, pleasant buzz about it, as if all recognized the happy anticipation of reading a very good book and the achievment of writing it--by a guy we like.

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Laura Lippman reading I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE
Tom Franklin reading CROOKED LETTER

Signed Copies of both books are available.