The World in a Week

Woooo boy.  I'm looking at next week's event schedule and see that it is not only a full week, but a wildly varied one as well.  Perhaps it could be seen as a fairly accurate sampling of what we always striving for in connecting up authors with their readers. On Tuesday, Kristen Iversen, will be discussing her book FULL BODY BURDEN: GROWING UP IN THE NUCLEAR SHADOW OF ROCKY FLATS. In this serious piece of investigative journalism, Ms. Iversen writes about Rocky Flats which, at least at one time, had a higher level of plutonium in the soil than Nagasaki. Parallel to her reporting she shares her memories from her childhood and later life there, making this at once a factual account and a close-up view of the human cost.
Wednesday we welcome Chuck Thompson back to Oxford, perhaps for the last time without a passport visa.  Mr. Thompson visited us last with a collection of his travel writing SMILE WHEN YOU'RE LYING. Unbeknownst to us, he must have been doing research for his newest book BETTER OFF WITHOUT 'EM:  A NORTHERN MANIFESTO FOR SOUTHERN SECESSION, which, depending on your point of view, is caustic humor in the "Modest Proposal" tradition or an inflammatory and vituperative return to yellow journalism. Join the conversation to decide for yourself.
J.R. Moehringer came to Square Books in 2005 when he published his touching memoir THE TENDER BAR, of growing up in a single mother household and how the regulars at his uncle's bar became his father figures. SUTTON is his first novel and by all accounts this story of Willie Sutton, who robbed over 100 banks in his day is every bit as poignant and well written.  Mr. Moehringer will be the guest author on Thacker Mountain Radio on Thursday.
That show will begin at 6pm by which time the signing for LISTENING IN: THE SECRET WHITEHOUSE RECORDINGS OF JOHN F. KENNEDY with Caroline Kennedy should be winding down. Ms. Kennedy will be signing at the original Square Books building beginning at 4pm.  It is a ticketed signing with a limited number so if you haven't purchased your copy and received your ticket you should do so soon.
Friday we will bring it back home with SWEETNESS FOLLOWS: THE STORY OF SAM AND THE TREAT OF THE WEEK, in which Mississippian Katy Houston shares the desserts she made for and recounts the story of the recovery of Sam Lane after a near fatal bicycle accident.  A sweet way to end a roller coaster week filled with radioactivity, bank robbers, yankee secessionists, and a daughter of Camelot.