Welcome Back Students!

What Square Books Can Do for You

  • QUICK & EASY SHOPPING Students in Mississippi can get their required school reading tax free. You can place your order in store, over the phone, or here on our website.orders for in-stock titles are often ready for pickup in less than a day. Some tips:
    • Look for the listing On Our Shelves Now for most in-stock titles. If we do not have a title, we will do our best to get it for you as quickly as possible -- as soon as overnight, in some cases.

    • Search for your books by ISBN-13 (the numbers near the barcode) to be sure you're getting the correct edition. 

    • We are a trade bookstore so we won't be able to provide textbooks but we have access to just about every novel, essay collection, etc. currently in print.

    • You'll need to have your class number handy (ie ENG 101) for tax-free checkout.

    • More questions? Each order is hand processed by a Square Bookseller (no robots). Give us a call, email, or leave any concerns in the order comments and we'll be sure to answer before capturing payment.

  • OPEN-TO-ALL EVENTS We welcome authors from across the country to share their books with our community. The vast majority of our events are free to attend and take place at Off Square Books (where you can shop lifestyle and bargain books during the day). Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date!
  • FREE LOYALTY REWARDS Every Square Books shopper is invited to become a Constant Reader. Each item purchased earns a credit. After 20 purchases, Constant Readers receive a coupon totaling the average of those credits. There is no cost to join.
  • FUEL & FOCUS Visit our cafe for affordable, locally roasted coffee and study with friends on the Square Books' balcony.
  • SQUARE WARES Pick up a roomy tote bag to schelp around campus, a sweatshirt for chilly lecture halls, or an author coffee mug to inspire you during late night study sessions. Find even more Square Books merch here.

University students are an invaluable part of our community. Thank you for supporting Oxford by choosing to shop local. We wish you a happy and successful semester and look forward to seeing you in store and at our events!